Sunday, February 22, 2009


I was skeptic at first to see this movie but I don't regret spending RM 11 on a movie ticket to see the best movie I've seen in a long time. And I encourage everyone to do the same, go see Changeling!!!

This movie has everything, a terrific story based on true events, outstanding acting from everyone of the cast, excitement, tears, blood and it holds you tight until the end. And I won't forget the magic behind the camera provided by the genius Clint Eastwood.Angelina's character is terrific and she fights to find her son. She did what no one else dared, what seems to be at first a lost fight in a world controlled by men. You learn to hate some characters in the movie and love others. You learn to feel for Angelina's character and hope the movie ends well. Changeling will make you cry and when you walk out of the theater after this fantastic film you feel both good and satisfied.
Angelina was so good and convincing in this movie that I could not believe my own eyes and ears. John Malkovich was very good too but Angelina is the rock of this movie. She carries it on her shoulders and Clint Eastwood directs her !!!!
If Angelina Jolie gets an Oscar tomorrow for her acting she deserves to win. Just go see Changeling and Angelina's acting will blow your mind.
"Never start a fight... but always finish it." – Angelina Jolie as Christine Collins

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